Cannot download video 1.3GB Mov file

I have tried to download video 1.3GB at least 5 times. Tried to download similar video from same collection same size. Video is always corrupted. Not sure what to do. I have optical fast internet.
Tried to download from G4 mobile connection same result.

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Hi @radenkozec,
Could you write the link of what you want to download to test me to see if I can download it or it also fails?
So we could see if it is a failure related to your computer, etc or is the file you want to download.

Hey @MagentaKolor have you tried to download link above?

Hi @radenkozec, i just downloaded the video and am playing it neatly. I had a similar problem before, the problem is in the operating system on the computer.
Try downloading the video from another internet browser.

@ZoranRamac Thanks for help. It seams file is OK, however MOV files with Apple’s QuickTime codec included will not play on VLC player on Windows.
I installed QuickTime player now it runs normally.

Hello radenkozec,
Sorry for not answering before.
I have seen that you have solved the problem. I was going to write you because I downloaded it and I was able to open the file without problems.