Cannot change Logo from default Milk v2

I have submitted a support request but someone out there might be able to answer my question quicker.

I have installed Milk v2 and uploaded a new Logo Image but nothing I do will make my image replace the default logo! What am I missing?

The item support is being provided by the item author. You need to wait for their respond.

That’s all very well but what do I do if the author does not reply even though I paid for support?


There could be a couple of possibilites:

  1. You uploaded the new logo but you are still viewing a CACHED page of your website so it appears that no changes happened - on your keyboard hold down CTRL+F5 at the same time to refresh the page
  2. Failing that, then look at the logo url for the default one you have - right hand click on the logo and open image in new tab - this will show you the URL of the logo on the server.

Then using FTP or Cpanel file manager rename your logo to exactly the same name and then upload it to the server. It will OVERWRITE the original logo and replace with your one.

If you get stuck on that then … I’m sure you won’t :slight_smile: Hope this helps

So this brings up a number of issues.

  • Firstly I am on a Mac, but no worries.
  • I have cleared the cache many times to no effect.
  • When I right click on the logo there is no option to open image in a new tab, it simply links to my website home page.
  • If I go to then there is no such file as default.logo.png
    I have ‘fixed’ the issue by replacing your site_logo.png and site_logo_small.png (in styles/IDLaunch_Fresh/theme/images) as a ‘fix’ but this is not great and I want to be able to regularly and easily change the logo.

This might help you.

It seems that there is no easy way of changing the logo apart from replacing the two logo images on the “styles/IDLaunch_Fresh/theme/images” folder. But that extension might be your answer. Since I do not use phpBB software I cannot comment on whether or not this extension will work, but it looks like it could solve your issues.

The link example was just that - a URL example but not the one that you needed.