Cannot Add Sound Effects from AJ Account to Envato Elements Account

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I would like to add new sound effects to my Envato Elements portfolio. I know that I need to upload them first to Envato Market and then make them available on Envato Elements by clicking Edit on the item’s menu at Audio Jungle. However, when I go to edit, I don’t have the required option to approve the item for Elements. Please, find the attached screenshot.

This is my 2nd attempt of trying to reach support with this question, so I thought I should give it a try in the forum.

If anyone had a similar situation or can land a helping hand, please reach out! Thanks!


P.S. I have Envato Elements account.

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Have an account doesnt mean that you can share your items.

Elements was under invitation for authors, if you had not the email that means that you werent invited to participate.

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Well, I was invited and sound effects from my market portfolio were shared to my Elements portfolio. Now, when I want to add new items to Elements, I can’t do it.