cancellation and refund.

Hi, I want to cancel the purchase because I made it wrong. I also texted the producer of the theme, but there have been no returns for a few weeks. How can I get help with this? Theme I bought: Jnews theme. i wrote here. few weeks. guess who has the idea of when the answer comes? cause i need buy right theme.

Here is envato refund policy

Hope you can understand about Envato refund system

hi unlockdesign, i wrote everywhere but nobody answer me… what i should do now? author not answer me, themeforest not answer me…

You must wait for the refund to be rejected or approved, if it is not in 5 to 7 days, you can then escalate a dispute with Envato and you’ll be given a refund. Authors have a deadline to reply to refunds, if they don’t then Envato takes over. You can also open a support ticket over on Envato Help and Support and tell them the situation, they can offer more assistance.