Canceling refund


I have had a problem with one item, or better said author or authors.
I was angry and I clicked to get refund, I think they accepted, but I do not want it.

I sent ticket ID explaining why I do not want to take a refund.

Refund request ID

Ticket number

So, please anyone, cancel this process.

Hi @MLLapan,

Please wait for your open ticket reply. Hope envato customer success team will help you soon and will sort out this.


I think if the refund has already been approved you can purchase it again. However, if you and the seller / author have had a dispute I suggest contacting them through their profile page first, and clarifying your differences beforehand. Normally buying - refunding - buying again is not a normal action, and I’m not sure how Envato views these things

Contact the author and have a chat, you’ll get along just fine! :+1:t2: