Cancel Envato Elements Renewal

Hello, today I have seen in my bank statement a charge from Envato Elements. One year ago I purchased a license for one year and I don’t need it anymore. It seems like Envato is charging over and over again until you cancel the account. The thing is that I would not like to renew the license, it happened today and I want my money back.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it is a yearly subscription, meaning it will renew unless you log into your account and cancel the renewal.

You can contact Envato Elements Help and Support to ask about a refund.

Thank you very much!

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@j77esus: Can you please let us know the result of your discussions with Help and Support. Have you received a refund?

Hello! yes, it took them some days - weeks to reply and proceed to refund the charge but finally, they made it! (thanks team). It is fair to say that I made a refund request on the very same day they charged me for renewal and didn’t use my license since then. I hope this could help. Good luck!