Canadian Real Estate Theme


Looking for a WordPress theme that will work with DDF for a real estate agent in Ontario. What themes are available and Do I need other plugins?

Thnnks, Paul

Hello Paul,

You need someone who will make site or you will make your estate site?

I’ll be making the site I just need to use a theme that works with CREA and DFF…


If you don’t have experience with site and plugins maybe is better to pay to someone else to make site. This is not just install it and that is all.

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Check real estate themes here ->✓&referrer=search&view=grid&sort=sales

There are also several plugins which (allegedly - have never tried) help integrate CREA and DFF feeds. That said:

  1. You will need to find a theme which you like and ask the author if that works with those plugins

  2. As @Zaccc said you may well be better off having someone build the site for you or at least help as glancing at the available plugins they look quite basic and restricted in terms of functionality so to marry their output up with the quality themes available here is likely to take a level of expertise.