Can you use a standing desk for coding?

I can see that learning to code might make for some long sessions at my desk. Last year I switched to a standing desk because I sit like a crazy person in my office chair and I get bad cramps in my mid back.

So I was wondering if any of you code from a standing desk? We have convertible standing desks in the office but I don’t recall if I’ve ever seen any of our Devs standing and coding?


Tried that, had massive leg pains after long work sessions, so I decided to do cardio daily instead. I’d rather focus on 2 hours of gym time each day, than stand all day. Blood pressure / cardio system is perfect even after 10 years of sitting daily.

I’d rather focus on proper coding than fidgeting around from one leg to another, haha!

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Interesting. So you do everything sitting down?

I’ve recently seen those standing boards which are actually designed to make you fidget. But I’m sure I’d just trip over them and fall on my face.

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Been there … done that. You’ll end up “dancing” after 10-15 minutes.

Same as @Enabled said: I go to the gym instead and I do things sitting without any issues.


standing desk yes it can be good for physical term. But when about for coding also need to use brain so need to keep brain cool and stable and I think for coding sitting on a chair will be better decision. In the same time I would also like to go with some times standing desk and some times walking around the desk to fit physically especially for mid back.

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And if you’ve ever seen me dance, you definitely don’t want me doing that!


You will start dancing, and eventually your legs get tired to the point where you slonge on the desk instead of standing. Get a gym subscription, a proper diet plan, lift weights and do HIIT periodically. The health benefit outweighs any standing desk and is actually making your body and immune system overall stronger. A standing desk doesn’t do anything to strenghten you, it just keeps you from getting back problems and has minor research showing it helps against cardiovascular sitting related conditions.

Gym Travis! You are the @KingDog not the CouchPuppy , haha! :laughing: