Can you tell why the item got rejected?

Hi everyone,
My item : (

Got rejected. Could you pls check and tell me why?


Did you get any reason sent for the rejection?

With respect this is nowhere near the standard

  • complete lack of design basics and styling

  • typography and other basics are all over the place

  • very limited features and functionality

  • you cannot use inline code

  • the 3 step assets do not work

Look at the competition you are up against - that is what you need to be aiming for.

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It’s quite basic as such - I can see @charlie4282 is making their comments too at the same time I am writing, but I’m not sure what it is going to do. From what I can see it is a one page template with nothing else going on - it needs to have some content some substance and watch out for images that may “look similar to current movie titles”

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