Can you tell me what's wrong with my graphic proposal!

My proposal was rejected because "when we review projects, we consider flexibility, usefulness, appeal to a wider audience and broadcast readiness of the file. though this project meets the standards we have set for these criteria. "
I really do not see why ???
look here :
PassWord : Motion

So !? Nothing comment ??? Can you give me your opinion, please ! :slight_smile:

An admin for a answer maybe !?? Who validate the template ? I would like more information ! I think my template should be on videohive !

It looks old you should give some depth to project maybe turn around the fireworks and follow one of them to sky and then explode letters. You should also work on text and background too. And those heavy grain, if its intentional and not a video decoding artifact, just remove it.

it must be a bit more complicated. It must be full. I do not like the noise effect. There should be more details than fire, burst and explosion effects. Be patient in the project and add more detail.