can you tell me what was wrong with this theme?

I submitted a theme yesterday, I developed it just like the best selling themes on your market, I checked everything about the theme design, I also validated the html code. But it was not accepted. In your own words, do you find some issues with it?

Point 1 this is a template (HTML and not a theme (WP) - this is a guaranteed way to confuse buyers.

  • With respect, this is nowhere near the standard for a freebie template let alone a premium marketplace. It is certainly not “just like the best-selling themes on your market”

  • It is impossible to give detailed feedback as every aspect of design fundamental need rethinking including typography, spacing, consistency, hierarchy etc.

  • The design lacks styling - feels like off the shelf bootstrap look and feel

  • There needs to be significantly more unique and premium features and functionality and pages etc.

  • Look at popular items like this or this, and the attention to detail, versatility, etc. that goes into a well-executed template