Can you share you feedback?

My item got rejected 3rd times. I have added new features and changed design but no luck.
Can you please have a look and share you valuable feedback?

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Please check your email and specially look into the reason as specified in that email why they have rejected your item

If you have taken the code from any other classified ads listing then make sure it’s sanitized and is been updated in the best way and approach as specified by standard reviewers feedback

Thanks for your comment. The reviewer just hard rejected the item saying its not quality standard. I have checked other classified scripts which are available on codecanyon and implemented most of those features.
Also I am sure we have an organized coding structure as we have already 2 scripts available on same structure.
Not sure why its not quality standard, is it looks not quality standard?
Our team has invested three month on this. Last month we were just organizing the codes, adding missing features and providing securities. But now here we are. Its kind of frustrating and demotivating as well. Don’t know what to put on now. Thanks.

Have you checked nimble classified ads script

Just have a look at the quality code and standards of nimble classified ads script. It’s a same to same clone of olx

Thanks for the suggestion

most welcome