Can you say why my item is rejected & how can i improve?

Here is my item which is rejected. can you advice me to grow up my skill?
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@ Tasmim
@ dm82design
@ modaldesain

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With respect, this is way off the standards for here.

The background circle should be circular

Typography (font choices, hierarchy, weight etc.) needs rethinking

Spacing between the graphic and the copy is too close

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Hi, I would suggest to become familiar with the basic logo design principles first. In addition to what @charlie4282 said, your logo has a big flaw which is readability. The shape and symbols should be recognized even when a small size version is used - be it in print or digital variants.

Looks like a sad emoticon man, the bridge is the mouth + teeth, and the birds the eyes.

Without the circle would be much nicer!

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hi there is much to say indeed …
first of all , u should try to identify current trends this would probably inspire u. Your item is not the worst about it , though u are not really in current trends either … then, the commercial potential of this one is rather low as regard to the fact that this is rather easy to reproduce quickly with having really amazing illustrator skills and as long as customer may not identify that they will save time when buying, they may choose to redo and save money rather than any other thing … in addition, there are too many details, i think that u can skips birds, they are not bringing anything to the table graphic design wise, they make it look like older style and they are rather ruining the preview in small size, as all small details do … also beware of the color combinations … u need to select only color combination that make your item look great and “sell” what u have done … , some of the color combinations u have here are rather strange and not necessarily super efficient … u should think about complementary colors, theme colors and shades of the same colors, these are traditionally working well when it comes to valuing items
finally , probably the ost important of all for here . the typo is definitely far the high expectations of people here , where typo is probably the most essential point no matter what is the category where u are posting … at this stage , what u have looks quite awkward and not matching with the illustration part as it should be and lacking variations, font combos and originality globally … not to mention that the tagline is not in the right proportion right now, the spacing between letters being way too large in my view

LOL but with the teeth of a piranha then lol

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Thank you very much dear…

Thank you very much dear. this is my 1st submitted item.

Thank you very much dear. this is my 1st submitted item. i’m really inspired.

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thank u very much, if u have enough clues as to know how to take your item to the next level, pls check the solution box. Good work and good luck :slight_smile: