Can you resubmit a Hard Reject?

Ok, so I did this Logo Reveal thing:

And it was rejected for “we don’t feel as though this project meets the standards”.

So I was thinking, it was a we? or I? I don’t know how many reviewers have to see the project before it’s rejected. And I think it looks clean. I don’t feel bitter but it doesn’t feel fair. I’ve read around this item-feedback tag, and someone said that they resubmitted the same thing, and it was accepted by another reviewer.

And my question is: Is it ok to question the decision making of the reviewer and resubmit your item to be reviewed by another one?

Thanks for reading!

Without making significant changes you run the risk of your account being blocked from uploads if not entirely taken down.

You are better off sharing demos here for feedback

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ok, so if you have some time to give feedback on this one. Is there anything wrong with it? Can I improve it? Or just another one in the trash bin?

I’m not experienced with this type of item but I’m sure someone will be able to help.

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I don´t know why the rejection. Looks very nice to me and I guess there are not other revealers design like this one. There are a lot more logo revealers much more simple than this, and they were approved. Anyway, your design looks very nice to me. Sorry about recjection

That’s precisely my point. Even my other project that is accepted is not so good. And I don’t understand how the works are selected. Thanks anyway. Will update this if i find a solution.

It looks cool in general.
What I’d change:

  1. Green background looks not good in the first preview. And maybe don’t make a transition from realistic background to the flat background. I mean: leave it till the end of the video
  2. Cartoon lightning looks strange on the such a realistic animation
  3. The background under the “easy to customize” text, shows that is not true :slight_smile:
    I guess this project deserve to be aproved after some changes. Good luck! :wink:
  1. I did a control for that, you can remove the end reveal logo thing entirely. The color I guess it’s not that good maybe.
  2. I added that to make it more interesting. Again, I did a control to remove it.
  3. It’s pretty straight forward. All controls in one null. You can play around to edit it drastically.

Thank you for the comment. I think I will edit it a bit, and will try my luck again.

The thing that makes me sad, is that there is no way to contact envato support team with hard reject problems. And there is no way to question the decision of the reviewer. It’s hard out here.

Yeah. I understand that the customer can change the colors and turns off/on some elements. But tasteful presentation is 60% of success.