Can you report unfair ratings and block envato users?


So this guy buys one of my stock clip packs and then gives me a 1 star rating because he didn’t read the description where it says in the first sentence… "Looking for some vintage carnival stock footage for your next documentary or indie film? Well… you found it."

What do I even say back to this guy? I mean I can’t help it if you are an idiot, but now my ratings have to suffer because of that? Is there any way to report this to envato? I have had a 5 star rating on videohive since I started back in 2013. Now this guy comes along and ruins it because he can’t read?

Please let me know what I can do about this. If you feel the need to rate me poorly because I am legitimately at fault and I have misled you somehow… then I deserve the low rating, but this is totally not cool. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, one more question… is there a way to block users? I never want to do business with this person again.

Thanks for your time.



Yes it is possible to get a review removed (Most of the time), you can go to this URL then select:

Let’s get specfic -> Authors and affiliates -> I need help with a rating/review from a buyer

Then fill in the other information and explain Envato why the review should be removed (The story you mentioned above).

Hope this will help you out :smiley:


Thanks so much!

Hi @AnomalousFilms Are they able to remove the unfair rating? An alternative way that I’ve found is to offer refund to the customer, if the refund is approved, the rating will be automatically removed.