Can you recommend a good tweet slider ?


I have used several versions, and not getting exactly what we want. The tweet rotator on CC is ok, but is no good for tweeting a user.

The ones on google : this and this

are ok, but one is bloated, and the other throws: error: TypeError: storage.controls is undefined

So was wondering what else is available ? All we want to do is define a single twitter user, and display their tweets in automated slider, no controls. With avatar , tweet and time and date

Sounds simple, but really isnt much available on internet from what I can find.

Happy to pay if absolutely necessary, but really if you have any links, for jquery powered slider that is lightweight and does just what we want, then please post any links etc.


As an example I created this:

This works great but for some reason thrws an error TypeError: storage.controls is undefined

when deployed on production site, so must be a conflict I guess ?


I may just opt for this one