Can you please tell my mistakes(Businesscard)

Hi i have made this business card for artistic purpose.
I dont know about my mistakes. and Yet I have not uploaded this. Plz help me out to improve this and upload it to graphicriver

hi u have a small technical issue, about a dots not being aligned to th yellow stroke that this is standing on top of. Otherwise, i like the harmony of what u have done here and this is original, too, though, quite frankly the style looks a little bit outdated in my opinion - but maybe there is a potential buyer base for this one - and to be honest there is a something incoherent about the hierarchy of information and something a bit disturbing as regard to the readability, all this being a bit linked to the same thing most importantly if u ask me. The fact that text colo is lacking contrast for te green part on top of the yellow background. Let me remind u that contrast is a basic design principle and this is thus not s small deal. Information and especially most essential ones are supposed to pop out and to be easily seen and springing out much more than the secondary one. Unlike what u have right now since the brown color elements are much more outstanding and dominating over the information while the information is the real deal and legitimating having a card if u know what i mean …