Can you please rate 2 of my tracks so they are not rejected

I plan to submit my 2 tracks for consideration and decided to ask you how good they sound, as well as what genre it is (I’m definitely not sure)
Thanks for the feedback.

provide some YouTube - Soundcloud - or google drive links. No one (almost) will download something from WeTransfer in order to give feedback

I gave links to soundcloud

usually to sound commercial like, always remove some low end like low shelf

also boosting some 5 - 10 KHz helps making a shiny sound

So this means that your mixing has a lot of low mids

Mastering could be more present, use something like multiband compressor and multiband exciter too make it glue

watch out for low mids too , like 200 - 400 Hz, it muds the mix

So mostly mix is problem

Also for the “Further more” is more problematic than 1st :
Watch out for the high pitched synths, they are loud, harsh , aggressive and kind of annoying, plus all sounds of this track are too loud! you need to make a balanced gentle mix for overall nice sounding experience.

Mix 80% Composition 20% problem I see here

@OudibSounds you agree? :smiley:

remind me of myself :smiley:
im focusing now on mixing, thanks to your helpful advices.