Can you please help me to find this Theme



Hi All,

Im looking for this particular Theme (wordpress) :

Can you please help me to locate it at Themeforest?

Thank you.


It is not a WordPress theme and it is nowhere close to the standard for here so I highly doubt it is anything to do with themeforest


If its not the Wordpress what it is?

Sorry you mean is well under your standard at themeforest?

Main feature Im looking for from this theme is is the way the tabs are displayed on the home page and when hover how the expand with additional information. Can you please recommend me something similar?

Thank you.


It could be just HTML or some form of custom work but it is definitely not WordPress.

There are shed loads of medical themes on themeforest here

As for that effect you like - I can’t think of one which uses this but I doubt it would be very hard to code up