Can you please bring back the marketplace header?



I know this has been discussed already but I feel the forum is just an island on the Envato country and should be more attached to it

I really hate to click on forums right now since it is a one way ticket to that island.


+1, I mentioned this in the original thread announcing the forums as well. The forums should be one of the centerpieces of the community, like an Agora in a Greek city. :slight_smile:

Right now it feels as if we’ve been pushed out of town and are out in the foothills.


Completely agree. I come to the forums out of daily ritual, something I enjoyed before… but I’m visiting less and less now because of this disconnect from the marketplace.

I really like your idea. Hope envato reconsiders and integrates the forum back to the marketplace.


Totally agree. I always make the mistake of clicking on the logo


I thought maybe because the backend is built with PHP but it’s Ruby as well. So why didn’t you try implement it in the first place?