Can you help select the right theme for us?

Hi there!

I have been looking for a theme with specific elements for a while now without luck. I hope somebody can point me in the right direction or even help out him or herself.

We currently have and it was custom made but cost a lot of effort. But now we know what we want i’m hoping we can ‘remake’ it more efficient and with the right functionality.

We need to switc to an ecommerce focused theme similar to sites like or… i know, big names :smile: but I mostly mean the way they look kind of similar in terms of functionality.

With these additions:

  • we offer tours so it would be great to have fareharbor integration (tourpages).
  • products can either be bought directly or there should be an option to schedule an appointment. (We use calendly now). Since our products are not sold easily online, a click to schedule meeting is important to us.
  • the blog is relevant, with option to create smaller article series.

We currently use wordpress but again customized which makes it inflexible and its pretty slow. We are open for anything (shopify, presta, whatever). We have aprox. 10.000 products.

I really hope somebody can assist since ive bought a few themes already but it seems while they are all great they often lack in a certain area and we don’t have the expertise to recognize the limitations or find a solution.

Thanks so much for any feedback!

Hello @robertograndes

I have check your site. It is not problem in Wordpress than on people who are made this site. It is slow because you have all videos stored on server and that is not good option. Site is slow because of that. And Javacript on your site. Site dont have latest version of WordPress. I have notice that is made site .

Also when you open shop you dont have some filter that you can filter and find quickly what you need.
My suggestion is to simplify site because now when you open menu images are jump right in your face.
People cant find quickly information’s
This is site what I have made long time ago
It is also for jewelry . You need to write specification for your site but be prepare that you will not find out of box solution that you will need and plugins and maybe some custom work.


Thanks for the feedback and great tips Zacc!

The site you made is awesome. I will give your feedback to our developers but in short you suggest we improve the current site and not use a theme for shopping but keep it custom with woocommerce for example.

Thanks again!


You can use template it is not a problem , there is basic templates and you can use and plugins. Because if you buy template with 123 functions and you will use only 10% of that functions you will still have heavy template and slow .
I can give you my quote but I will need specifications of site. Without that is impossible to say anything

@robertograndes you can check this theme

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Looks awesome! Do you also offer customization and install work based on that theme?

please contact author, we not author odd this theme.