Can you help me understand exactly?

I’m getting a lot of corrections on this, can you help me understand exactly?

  1. When submitting projects to new categories that have been previously approved in a different category, please provide a link to the approved item.

If this had been a new submission, it would have been rejected based on current quality standards. Therefore, providing the reviewer with a link to confirm it currently exists on the marketplace, will help to reduce any confusion or mistaken rejections.

Despite all the efforts of @MotionRevolver, I failed:(

Ever since the release of the Adobe Premiere Pro category, a lot of authors have taken advantage of our policy of allowing identical templates to be sold across all software categories – therefore, as long as the templates are identical, it can be sold as an After Effects project, Premiere Project/Mogrt, and/or Apple Motion project.

However, for a project to be approved and accepted for sale based on being previously accepted under a different category, the review team has to confirm the projects are indeed identical. For example, we don’t allow a Premiere/Mogrt project to contain a small portion of a previously accepted Ae template – both items must be identical, and contain the exact same content.

This is why we require authors to provide a link to previously accepted items in the Notes to Reviewer section when submitting content that has been previously accepted. It’s logistically inefficient for us to navigate to an author’s portfolio to check for an identical project, especially if an author has mistakenly titled the 2 projects with different names.

With that said, if a project would not meet today’s minimum quality standards, it can still be approved if it had been accepted for sale under a different category, say, back in 2013. However, if the new submission’s quality does not meet minimum standards, and has not been previously approved under a different category, that new submission likely will not be accepted for sale, because it has not been grandfathered in.

In your particular case, you were providing us with links to projects that were only similar to the one you were submitting, as an example of slightly similar work that was previously approved. When submitting links for referencing, you should only be providing links that pertain to IDENTICAL projects that were previously accepted under another category.

I understand, thank you very much for this detailed explanation.
Thank you for your patience with me:) @MotionRevolver

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last question @MotionRevolver

What should we do if this is a completely new project and not a pre-approved project in different categories? Because I received the same feedback for such projects.

Projects that are brand new, with no previously accepted version, should simply just be submitted as normal.

The reason you might be receiving the same message is because the vast majority of authors who are submitting projects to the Premiere Pro category, are submitting previously accepted projects.

It’s actually quite rare for authors to be submitting “new” projects to Premiere – you might be one of the only authors doing this – because it’s so much easier to build a template inside of Ae first, and then convert it to Pr.

Either way, Pr and Ae templates are reviewed under the exact same criteria, so if a new Pr project is rejected, it’s likely due to the same reasons an Ae template would be rejected.

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