Can you help me to find out what's goin on?

So far so good, improved lot.

But again a reject, I need your first remarks on mixing

Please ,any comment will be taken as an advice.

1- I found that there is too much bass frequency content other than mid and high mid…
Am I right ?

Claps’ gain is high and it has too much high frequency or lack of mid?
Please confirm me if I’m right.

Hello! Yes. The lower middle is a little buzzing. But that’s not all. At the beginning of the track, improper delay settings are applied to the mute guitar. And besides, take more time to select sounds at the beginning of the track. Together, they create a strange mishmash and one of the sounds like distortion of a guitar in the right channel is clearly superfluous. Further along the track, everything is the same. Similar parties are added that interfere with each other with notes and frequencies and with a spatial arrangement. The listener does not know what to listen to. Coda unfinished. The violin freezes strangely. Listen to the track without drums and percussion. I think you will find a lot of superfluous and interfering with each other. In general, the track is good. Mood conveyed perfectly. Good luck!

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thank you soo much !! I’ll try to fix them w ur guidance…