Can you help me recommend music for my youtube video


Im a newbie here :slight_smile:

I have been trying to find music to accompany my youtube video for my vacation rental in Italy but unsure what would work? The feedback i have received is that the current tune that accompanies the video isn’t that great.

The video is here:

Any advise and recommendations welcome.

thank you!

Hi @videohooligan

The piano track on the video is a good track, but it doesn’t have the 'Italian flavor" I would expect to hear. This track by VanillaGroove might be a better fit:

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Hello @videohooligan

I tell you what I do - I create a video just like you have done, then I mute any sounds and check what theme tune goes well with it. It’s always hard to achieve the desired results but 90% of the time it works out well. Good luck