Can you help me please ? I keep getting rejected over, and over again ! You know why ?

Hi guys ! Thanks for taking this time helping me out !
I really apreciate it.

Audio Jungle just rejected the two lasts songs I uploaded !
Do you know why I´m getting rejected over, and over, with songs that i really think
are good enough to be in Audio Jungle ?

Thank you so much for advance !

Piano is playing at the same high velocity all the time, so it sounds too harsh and crispy, this bell or xylophone sound from the second track sounds a little outdated for me, and overall everything is too quantized and robotic. Try to find better samples (there are plenty of free and decent VSTs and Kontakt libraries for pretty much every instrument needed, just google it), humanize parts a little with velocity and timing, and you’ll hear the diffirence. Good luck!

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Hi Theo_Sound ! Thank you so much for rour reply !
I really pareciate your help !

Than kyou so much ! I been listening some of your music and congratulations !
Your music is very nice ! i like the song Progressive Technologies

Thanks once again !
Best wishes,

The second track has good potential.

Why has been rejected then ?
Thank you FoxHorn

Pianists hit the keys with all his strength. xylophone electronic. And a lot of things happen at the same time. you need to alternate.

Thank you so much FoxHorn

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You’re good at"cinematic." focus in this direction.

Thank you FoxHorn, but I would like to be good as well in corporate, and inspiring music :slight_smile:
If I can of course !

Congratulations for your music ! Is excellent !

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