Can you help me for the logo?

Hello friends, I’m new here. I want to make my profile logo, but I don’t know graphic design work. Is there a person who can help me to have a simple and easy logo idea? (80x80px, I have a sample I want.)

Do you want to become author here? Or you just need a logo for your profile?

hi is this a freelance job u are offering?

I will be here author.

You need to describe the logo you want or show us some examples of logos that you like. Also you need to tell us what word / tagline you want to incorporate in your logo. If you have a sample post it here.

LOL u managed to identity what the thing is all about? lol as for me i am still wandering what @Recorthink really wants …

@n2n44 He is Audio Jungle author and he wants a logo for his profile.


ok buddy , this is what i had guessed but i was not sure