Can you help me change the logo of my website? Theme is broken

I recently bought the theme Dreamfolio, and it has a bunch of bugs. The most annoying one is that both the dark-theme (currently using the light theme but it lacks some functions) and the mobile versions don’t update with the right logo. The Dreamfolio logo always prevails, no matter if I’ve uploaded the logo on the right places in the Customize area. If you right click>inspect on the logo, you can see that the dark theme (and mobile) are always taken from the themeforest website and it’s the Dreamfolio one.

Can anyone help me?

PS- I’ve contacted the author in both of his pages and no answer so far.

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Please give them time to get back to you. Author is responsible to help customer for any technical query. I believe they will get back to you soon.

I will help you to solve the problem. Contact me, please.