Can you guys give me your opinion on why these tracks got rejected?

My theory is that it sounds like crap in their headphones or speakers. I’ve only got one pair of headphones here until next month and I get my JBL monitors. I pump away, follow all instructions and I would have imagine it sounded ok.

What do you guys think, is it the music, or is it the mix?

Song #1:

Song #2:

Appreciate all your help.

Hey Bill! Composition wise, I loved your tracks. The Rightful King is truly amazing, IMO.

Regarding production, I think you may want to improve your percussion section. Maybe all the orchestration could benefit from some more organic, human touch. The current versions could sound just a bit too “MIDI”.

That said, seems to me that nowadays the reviews are pretty whimsical and chaotic. In these forums I’ve seen a lot of outstanding works being hard-rejected and really poor tracks approved every minute. Guess it comes down to luck sometimes.

If I was you, I’d tweak a few things and re-submit. Best of luck!

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