Can you give some advice for this file?

This file has rejected, can you help, I want learn from you guys. Thank you.

hi for it looks good in a general way but u have several small issues to fix indeed … first of all the logo is clearly not outstanding enough … think about it the brand is very important and people want the company to be noticed and people to remember it … talking about the logo , i would personally drop a shadow under the shape welcoming the logo by the way …
the global contact data is pretty small and a little nit lost as such in the bottom left side , making sure that the text is differing more from the background would be a really good idea …
the cool thing is that u have a really cool base to work with

Thank you very much sir. Your explanation is very clear and helpful. Is there any idea where else I can sell this file? because it seems I can’t upload this file again as it appears in the email

hi u have several possibilities indeed but here they won’t let u write the names of competitors lol but u probably have a potential to sell this item elsewhere