Can you give me some tips to improve my design?

Hey guys,

I just finished my dashboard template and I really feel it’s not there yet. It’s missing something(s) that need to make it go from 0 to 100.

Can you help me take a look and give suggestions?

Here’s the link:


Any help?

I realized I posted this during the Thanksgiving holidays so didn’t get a response.

Does anyone have any feedback or do I really suck that much? :slight_smile:

When you reach the end of scrolling over mCustomScrollbar container, the page starts scrolling instead and that can be annoying. mCustomScrollbar has the option to disable this. add PreventDefault: true when initializing mCustomScrollbar.
mouseWheel: {
preventDefault: true

Also I think you’re using initial element animations too much. Consider using it more sparingly.

Looks great :smiley: but I do not like smooth scroll effect, it’s not necessary for admin area

You, sir (ma’am?), are a genius! Thanks for the scrolling tip. I’ll also cut back on the animation.

Edit: Just added the code and my goodness… I’ve been looking for ways to prevent this by building custom fixing that just didn’t work. This “fix” will be used on my other items as well. Thanks again!

I like the smooth scrolling though :frowning: I’ll try it out disabled.