Can you give me opinion?


Hi, I’ve made my first really dark and suspense music with some voices for various projects. I just want to ask for opinions if possible. Project is in the queue right now. Thanks in advance, Marcin Klosowski


I like it. Remind me voices from “The Witcher” OST. Witcher from Poland too right ? :smile_cat: Good track, man!


nice atmosphere, but as for me it’s to repetitive and I suggest you need to develop it further, add some movement.


Really nice stuff, @MarcinKlosowski. Loving the vocal samples, and the entrance of the marching drums is great. I’d love to hear even more development, maybe exploring some different chords or tonal centers.

Also, @GeorgioRoss, that chart is so cool, I love it!


Thanks for the answers, they help me a lot, maybe I will create more similar music later, this chart is awesome. Also for The Witcher question, yes it reminds me voices from this OST, I love this game by the way :). Cheers guys.


@dimarzomusic - It helped a lot in development of compositions :fireworks:
@MarcinKlosowski - keep up fella :wink:


I really like the atmosphere and mood set, but I would explore changing the chords nearer to the end as it sounds like its building up to something, but ends before it’s reached the main focal part. good work none the less!


that is going to be approved for sure!