Can you get banned after too many rejections?

I’m planning to start uploading on VideoHive and I know that rejection is inevitable no matter how good the templates are, I was wondering if it’s possible to get banned after receiving too many? If so, how much is too much?

Hello @Solonya

No, you cannot get banned if your items are hard rejected. But please note, I’m talking about different items. For example:

You submit items x,y,z and they all get hard rejected. You are not allowed to resubmit those items. If you do resubmit those items, then this may result in revoked upload rights. However, you are allowed to submit different items.

Therefore, to make sure your items get approved, you should insist on creating high quality products and make sure you follow all recommendations you find here → Video Item Preparation & Technical Requirements – Envato Author Help Center

And here you can find the entire process of reviewing items → How to Get Your Items Through Review at Envato – Envato Author Help Center

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A question… for example I make any video animation to easy (like basic) and design more quality then videohive will to be approved? please you reply me :slight_smile: thank you.

I’m sorry but I can not help you out @JeriTeam. I love seeing so many amazing items on VideoHive. They are fascinating! However, I’m afraid I do not know how to create one, maybe in another life :sweat_smile:

I’m actually not the right person to give advice here. Create one and post it on the forums for feedback. There are authors here who have way more experience in the field😊 I’m sure they’ll help!

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Thank you, I will to ask other author in there forum :slight_smile:

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