Can you generate a return note and generate a new invoice?

Hey. Days ago I made a purchase and created an invoice with incorrect data (my fault), I updated them in my profile but can you generate a return note of the article and generate a new invoice with updated data?


Generally it isn’t possible!
Still any question get in touch with Envato Support Team if they can solved your issue.
At here Envato Forum we can’t help you out from your issue.

Hope you will understand.


I generated a ticket more than a week ago to support and have not received an answer. Another question is that the billing form doesn’t ask me for RFC, how can I enter it? I’m from Mexico.

I can say that keep patience cause Envato market have a ticket queue they replied people one by one and you know that this is weekend season Christmas & now new year wait for that.
At here we can’t help you out from your issue. Only Envato support team can help you out from this issue in that case please wait for that.