Can you ask for a refund, if the code is not what you expcted?

I’m interested in a mobile first theme at Themeforest, but when i inspect the code using chrome’s dev tools, i see that the entire body of the code was injected using an iframe.

I know for a fact that iframes are not good for SEO, and i want to avoid using them. Being a backend engineer, and i don’t like to code CSS which is why i’m buying one.

The author says the iframe is just for the demo, but that makes me feel how different will the real code be when i get it?

Is there a way i can ask for a refund, if the code looks SEO unfriendly?


Hi, I confirm your worries are wrong. The iframe is for the demo and the theme without it is exactly the same, an iframe don’t change the design


Actually, an iframe can do a lot more, than just just changing the design.

I think what you’re trying to say is, the iframe on the demo will not be there on the source files after buying.

Thank you.

Iframe is used to beautify the web page. The user experience and organic traffic will influence your website SEO data.

No, iframes do not change the design and anything, they can just alter the mobile experience because the page can’t see the real user monitor width.

Your worries are really without reasons. What’s you are saying it’s simply wrong, so don’t worry about an iframe no more :wink:

All demos on ThemeForest are displayed in iframe. It is not part of the actual item you download.

I am still waiting for my refund. Envato does not have the courtesy to respond to customer query after one week of chasing. Now i’m chasing for refund and no one will respond. Why do i have to write publicly in order to get my refund. This is just very wrong.

No need to write publicly to get your refund… refunds are handled by support, so while you’re welcome to do so, there’s no benefit to posting in the forums. Wait for support to respond as they’ll be happy to help, but raising additional tickets can just increase the wait.

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For reference unless you made the agreement via Envato studio then there is nothin Envato will be able to do to help you with this as the agreement was private and not involving them