can we use newspaper 9 theme with shopify

i purchased newspaper9 theme. can i used for my shopify site


you can take a look on your purchased item Compatible With & Software Version

You can get more beautiful answer from That Item author @tagDiv from that item comment box here

Let me know if you have any other question.


how can I check my theme is Compatible With that Software Version Shopify or not?
how can I contact @tagDiv to help me?

You just go to this page

and make a comment there they will reply to you.

Another way to contacting with author directly here

Newspaper theme is not made for Shopify. Newspaper is a WordPress theme. So, sorry to say you can’t use it as Shopify Theme.

newspaper 9 theme can provide userr registration form & paypal ??

Yes they have registration system like login signup.
Donation form maybe doesn’t exist but there is payment method using for shopping cause basically donation form using at Non-profit category items.
Why you don’t ask your purchased item author @tagDiv they will inform best cause they are most of expert on their won theme.