can we use month free file layout in our project?

I had use this month’s free A5 brochure layout only in my design because I don’t know how to create bleed and other page requirements in InDesign. all the design is fresh and mine I just use its blank paper layout. but my design get rejected. that’s why I am asking, so next time I will be careful.
can we use month free file layout in our project?

You can probably use a file as a guideline for getting the right dimensions when it comes to bleeds and the like… as long as you don’t include any of the actual design or content in your item. However, the general rule is that, whether you have a free, regular or extended license… you can’t use any marketplace items in your own item. There are a few exceptions, like if you get permission from the author, but that’s the general rule.

What was the rejection reason? If I didn’t mention anything about using people’s items in your item… then it was probably rejected for another reason.

I did not include any actual design. I delete full design and just use the page settings.
Its a hard rejection, so I don’t know the reason of rejection.

Then it;s not to do with using the item, they would have told you if it was. Generally, hard rejects are because the overall quality of the deign isn’t at a high enough standard.

well thanks, so now I am clear that I can use the page setting or the blank file for my own design.
may be next time my item will get approval

Not necessarily… it really does depend on what you’re doing with the item.