can we use envato free elements in our designs and upload them in graphicriver ?

Hi i have just downloaded envato free files. i want to make a business card design so can i use the image in my design

No, the free files fall under the Regular License and cannot be included in your items that you upload here. You can use them as supplementary elements, but they can not be distributed with the item. For example, the Photoshop Action which is currently free, you can use the action to make a graphic for a flyer, but the Action file itself cannot be included. The Shrub Seamless Texture with 3D Ocean, you can use that to make a flattened background, but you cannot include the seamless texture file(s) in your item.

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if you are talking about photodune image then yes you can use the image to create the business card design but definitely you can’t sell the design in any stock market (as like envato market).

Please check more details here:

If you are talking about grapgicriver photoshop action then:
Tools License covers items like add-ons and fonts from GraphicRiver and other installable tools and applications from CodeCanyon. Tools can be used to create multiple end products, but can’t be included in the end product themselves.

i have used used Striped Wavy Surfaces in design but i have included the image itself.

thanks for avoiding me to commit mistake.

Nope you can’t do that - redistributing even as only part of another item is not allowed

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