Can we update a bundle ?

As the rule for bundles is the maximum of 10 approved files I’m going to submit a PowerPoint template bundle with 10 files… Can I add more slides later to update the bundle? or even more files later on?

yes, You can add more slides later to update the bundle.
If Graphicsriver terms allow you max 10 files in a bundle then why you are thinking to add more than 10 files. but you are free to update the slides to improve the bundle.

Because more the number of slides more the sales… but the files I have got approved already has a limited number of slides, where I’m planning to design more slides, more files… Can you please explain a little more that

  1. Can I add more approved files later to the bundle to update it ?
  2. or can I add more individual slides to the bundle
  3. Can I merge all the templates and make one file when uploading the bundle
  4. If I upload more slides to the bundle do I need to update the indivdual files as well

Thank you very much

And BTW I have seen bundles with more than 10 files in the popular list too

I am not sure about graphicsriver bundle limitations, you should check it by yourself. but I think:

  1. you can
  2. you can
  3. you can
  4. yes, of course at first you have to get approve the individual file then you can update the bundle because bundle are your already approved items.

Thank you very much for your support… Highly appreciated… have a good day!