Can we show the preview and sell the custom WordPress theme here?

I just want to if we can sell the self-developed custom WordPress theme here. Along with that, can we show the preview of the theme here?

If I develop more than one WordPress theme and want to sell it by showing its preview then would it be possible here?

I think that is what WordPress authors are doing right now, what is your confusion?

You have to have a working demo as part of submitting themes here and yes you can sell multiple files from your account but it wouldn’t be in forums - only on the marketplace.

You can share demos to your themes in these forums for feedback

I just want to know that if we provide the theme on our own blog and show the demo here. Is it possible?

I mean creating the demo to show it here and then demonstrating it to let people know about the theme design and the features. It’s like using this platform to create the demo of theme and sell it using any payment gateway.