Can we sell cloud services on codecanyon?

Hello everybody,

I created a wordpress plugin and want to sell it on Codecanyon, i do some research about that situation but found nothing. I am just curious about that if can i sell a plugin which works with my API. That API will be connected to my web site. Also that API has free and paid plans. Important point is that will codecanyon approve this paid plan system?


I have the same question. I want to sell Medical software as a Cloud service, with a paid subscription to have an account on my server… I have put the question to Envato. Still waiting.

99.9% sure you won’t be able to as you can’t charge subscriptions - purchases have to be a single payment

you can sell the plugin, and mention that they will have to pay a monthly fee after they purchase the plugin.

The plugin needs to be unique… and there is chance to work.

Edit: ok misunderstood what you were saying - apologies.