Can we put the documentation in the Demo Website?

Can we put the documentation in the Demo Website as a dummy post?

So, we don’t need to prepare a lot of dummy posts, but the contents of the Web demo are indirectly useful for buyers

Sure, why not? This will also help your SEO and drive traffic to your product.

The thing is, I have been rejected twice while submitting. I think this happened because of the documentation the sample posted on the Web Demo.

There is no explanation for the rejection.

If that is your main concern, write out the documentation in MS-Word and save to PDF. Insert the PDF in your zip file. Done.

It’s a safer option to have a pdf version and if possible a basic online version.

I can’t see it being an issue to have it as part of the demo but it’s not very common and you are reducing potential problems by keeping things simple.

If you are getting rejected then you can always share the demo link here for more relevant feedback

This is a theme I made Demo. if you have a little time, can you help me find the possibility of my theme being rejected?

With respect, the documentation is the least of your concerns.

  • There is nothing premium about the design, features, functionality

  • The posts are just all copy/paste content

  • The elements looks like off the shelf and unstyled

  • One layout and only 1 page and a post template

Thanks for answering, let me answer.

  1. I disabled some features, you can double-check the Demo blog.
  2. Like the topic I created. Sample posts also serve as documentation.
  3. Maybe yes, but if you look at it per post, there are other elements that have been styled.
  4. For Blogger, Page Layout is limited. There are only Search, Label, Archive, Static Pages, and Posts pages. But we have designed everything that way.

Anyway, thanks for your reply and I’m looking forward to another reply from you.