Can we mention refunds within item details content?

I understand that offering unreal promises in the details of the item is not acceptable, what I want to mention is not that. Can we give information about the already working refund process as part of item detail?

Can we write something like:

Refund Possible: According to the customer rights of Envato, you can request a payback/refund if the item is not as it’s described, broken, has a security vulnerability or because of other reasons listed here

…why not?

I believe this would increase the sales.

Yes, you can put that in your description, because it is factual and guaranteed by Envato.

You can mention the refund process, you just can’t describe it as something like a “Moneyback Guarentee”.

I don’t think this would be necessary. Buyers are aware of the refund process already.

They should be, but probably most of them aren’t… unless they’ve requested a refund before.

Let us know if it has any positive impact on sales :slight_smile: