Can we make movie based templates?

I’m not sure how Envato stands in regard to movie based title openers? I’m planning to make a title opening after effects template and it will be inspired by the movie Predator. I’m not gonna copy the movie opening itself, I’m just gonna use that famous Predator font. And that’s it. Can we use movie based fonts?
And can I write ‘Predator’ with predator font in the preview video title and call my template like that? Help me. :slight_smile:

Typically if you’re making an item inspired by an existing IP, then you should avoid using the same name as I believe that’s infringing copyright.

For example, I made some Photoshop layer styles directly inspired by the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but I wasn’t allowed to call them “Modern Warfare Layer Styles”. You can however use those things in the item tags and description.

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Thank you. So could something like this work?