Can we have square avatars?

Can we have square profile pics instead of circular just like it was on old forum?


We are with a new born child so expect new things. New badges / pics style etc etc

for me, rounded squares would have been better, u can have the same advantage than with rectangles or squares but it looks better , and i would not bet on the fact that they will change anything on icons anyway …

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Rounded squares, exactly! :slight_smile:

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the problem that i have with circles is that sometimes their shape is not compatible with some logos or avatars … so i would rather vote for this, but as i told u i think that nothing will be done about this anyway … if they changed anything that people have been complaining about, there would have been lots of changes , unfortunately , normally our voices are not heard … now i think that they face an unprecedented negative feedback with oth avatars and forums, so will it change something ? and will they finally consider what we expect? not so sure …


Yes, exactly, I asked these because of our logos. :slight_smile:

yes i identify about it …and same goes for me, i don’t think that looks that good to have a circle lol

Anyways, either way, it is good for me. I can focus more on work. I will stay away from forums till everything looks perfect. :smiley:

until it looks perfect? lol then goodbye buddy, so that not to ever see u again lol kidding , i think u should not expect anything like this, perfect it will never be but i think that when they fix the main issue, the categories, this is already a big deal and acceptable … hope they do quick and that we see u again here as quickly then :wink:

Yes, I meant to say, I will spend very less time compared to what I was spending before. So, it is good for me at this point as we are a startup.

With a name like SquareSpiral this (Apple led) trend for circles is very undesirable!

Perhaps I need to become CircleSpiral to keep up :wink:

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The same thing like with the flags, and it’s not good. The avatars already passed some initial limitation during upload. To distort it after that is to distort users’ rights to present themselves exactly as they have chosen to. It looks unrespectful to users.

Ha Ha Ha ! Do it now :smiley:

See it corrected, nice! (SquareSpiral can stay square now)

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yay squares!

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They listened!??! Yeay!

Nice! :+1:

Cool, they listened. We are a community after all. :slight_smile: I know now exactly what things they listen to.

ah now I’ll have to fix my avatar again, cropped it so it looked good in a circle. haha.

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