Can we group items that are not versions but still related?

I have items that pair well together but are not simply versions of each other. It would be nice if there was a way for authors to link their items that paired well together like how Amazon/eBay has “customers who bought this product also bought these things.” I don’t know if the product family grouping applies to this or not.


You can place the links of this tracks in the descriptions of them.
Also you can create “collections”


Not quite the same. That makes it seem like I’m shoving unwarranted items onto customers (which will go unnoticed) instead of the platform organizing them into helpful recommendations. The buyers don’t care what the author personally thinks, but if there’s an automated system that says “here’s all this data saying these items work well together” it shows the items are mutually effective.
Otherwise collections are simply for organization, not recommendations.

That is a good idea

Make a html catalog.

You can also make packs.