Can we get an official letter/statement for our membership?

Hi all, want to ask. Can we get an official statement/letter for Envato for the font usage we use/download from Envato? Because there’s font maker sue us for using their font that we downloaded from Envato.

Thank you!

You can get:

  • an invoice from your profile
  • include a link to the item page where it’s sold
  • and a link to envato’s licensing info

They won’t provide a specific document just for your purchase.

There are some limitations on font use so make sure you are acting within the license.


Pretty sure they’re not suing, they are probably threatening you to sue but as @charlie4282 suggested, purchase code/license code for the font would be good enough as a proof.


Thank you very much @charlie4282 @ki-themes … Will try…

I think there is a license file in downloaded product.

@txtcreative How did it end?

Probably this way: