Can we crack down on (or reduce) long, irrelevant intros on preview videos?

Hi folks, not sure if this has been discussed before but is anybody else getting tired of the long intros, or “credits” sequences artists are putting at the beginning of their preview videos?

It’s one thing to have your artist logo flash up briefly (and for a few seconds) which I think is great, but what I’m talking about is:


“A new…”



“[Artist Name]…”




“1000’s of…”


Blah, blah, blah. And it’s not for about another 30 seconds until you actually start seeing the content that you’re interested in purchasing!

If I’m being honest here: If any of these “intros” lasts longer than 5 seconds, I move on to the next product. In some cases, if I see it as a trend for that artist I will avoid them (and all their products) completely.

Is it possible for Envato to either put out some kind of call out, or guide, or maybe even crack down on this practice? It’s not only extremely frustrating to customers but it also potentially hurts that artists’ sales if people are like me and move on out of frustration.

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Basically, if you ignore those items then I’m sure many other buyers will do the same and the market will regulate itself, driving the authors doing this nonsense out of business and we end up with only to-the-point previews that generate sales.

I try to be as quick as possible with my intros and am always afraid of losing customers when showing too much text (maybe even important stuff like customization possibilities or included animations) at the beginning of the preview.

I haven’t seen an item with an extreme intro like you described yet, though.


I understand your point… I think if it becomes a hassle people will indeed being to avoid those creators. And I will admit there was some exaggeration in me description, but you get the idea.