Can we charge for Installation as right now we are offering Free Installation support and it takes too much efforts with non-technical buyers

We’re selling Food Delivery App and not charging for Installation as we are giving Free Installation support. But most of the buyers are non-technical and it takes too much time to educate them basic things so we install it for them but again it is impacting our support services and sometimes it takes more than 4 to 5 days to let them know that how to do the basic setup.

I’d like to know if you’re charging for Installation service or any valuable suggestion on this topic will be helpful.

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You can register to become a service provider on envato studio and offer paid services there but directly up-selling through the item is not allowed

Technically offering free installation shouldn’t happen either

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Thanks, We are not upselling anything right now but we would like to charge for installation with App selling as this is very much hard to educate each and every buyer for basic setups.

You would need to do it all via envato studio - you can send people there and they can pay for services but you can’t promote it or charge for it as part of the item

As for free installation check this

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Yes you can charge for your setup as you are investing your time … but a best idea can be to provide a video guide that way no need to teach every individual …

On the other hand you can set a fee u some one want to go that way you can go that as well.

Its your choice after all…

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Again you absolutely cannot offer or promote this as part of your item except if it is via envato studio

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Yes, Envato is old and its “sticking to our old way” policy about licenses and these things will bury it at some time. Is it intentional or not, let’s wait and see.

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Even we provide the Basic guidelines , still few wants to do it for them .

And after one time build APK that is Free , they are coming again after making changes in code and asking again to do setup for them and if not we need to face heat and reviews :slight_smile:

Item support does not include:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services

This is already mentioned clearly on your item support page.

You don’t have to go overboard providing this and for free. Your choices are:

  1. Set yourself up on Envato Studio and share this with your customers asking for help.
  2. Improve your documentation and point them to it.

On the other hand, if the customer insists and blackmails with a negative review, contact support. They will remove the review.


Wait, how can some one register on envato studio ? Because theydon’t accept profiles on studio easily. I feel they only accept from elite or more sales profiles … but don’t know their exact criteria but usually they reject.

On the other hand, if envato not accepting on studio then what ??? Support is different thing than customisations and setup my friend so we can do what ever we want …

You can do whatever you want in private when a customer contacts you, it’s just a matter of common sense. What you cannot do is upsell additional services on your item page.

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Yes, You are right , we read the policy again and now going to list installation service on Envato Studio.

Not sure about this case as if it is hard to list installation service, We are going to list and we will update here, thanks for letting this know as well.

Don’t forget the support policy is there to protect you from unreasonable requests or expectation.

(As well as protecting buyers from non responsive authors).

See if you can get onto studio which will cure all your issues

Good luck

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By the way I did not said to sell additonal servoce on item page. Read again …

Yeah, I am going through with each and every point and I’m sure it is going to help me.