Can We Change Payout Account For the Next Payout

Hello Guys,

It is possible to change the next payout destination after the 30th? Our next payout has been processed and will be released by 15th May and it is schedule to go to our paypal account. Can we get the payout destination change to Payoneer now and receive the same payment on 15th may in our payoneer account?

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May be it is not possible

All payouts every moths 15th sending

No you can’t do that, It’s already scheduled to be payout to your PayPal account, However you can change the method and you will receive the next month payout in that method.

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So, does this mean that even if you change a PayPal address after the 2nd and before the 15th of this current month, for instance, you’ll still get the money on the 15th of this month to the previous PayPal addres?
Or if you change the Paypal address as mentioned above, the current month’s payout on the 15th will be canceled and you’ll get a payout on the 15th of next month?

No you will still get the money of this month to the previous PayPal, if you want to cancel it you will need to contact the support and all the money of this month and next month will be payout to the new PayPal.

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How you solve this?