Can this template be approved on Themeforest?

can this template approve on Themeforest? @JeriTeam @charlie4282


please tell us if exist any problem in this template.

thanks a lot

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Sorry, but I think NO!

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can you tell me why please?

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Sorry but I really feel that I’m in the year 2000. when scrolling your theme… :slight_smile: I’ll suggest you to gain some knowledge about 2020 trends…


thank you for your response.

please say your opinion about this please :


I liked this one. Though I can’t say about padding, margins spacing stuff but this is perfect. Try with this one. Good job, keep it up! :ok_hand: let me know here if this approves.

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I checked padding, spacing, margins. Looks good to me.

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can you tell me what is the low of padding, spacing and margin? what is relationship between this until it is look like good?

It’s better than the colourful one you had before but still not ready for here.

  • This is probably the hardest category to submit to as it has been done so many times.

  • You are still copy pasting content

  • Typography still needs work

  • You have got to find something unique in terms of features and functionality.

What were you asking about the Kenil template?

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thank a lot charlie

I think kenil is very simple and I wonder how it was accepted?
this template has a lot of demos. I think that’s why this be accepted

I agree that it is a bit basic but with respect the execution is significantly better than your demo, esp the typogrpahy and readability is much cleaner and better spaced

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He is asking about Kenil. I think this should be get accepted.

Kenil is already accepted